Dying to Live

the journey into a man's open heart   a film by Ben Mittleman

An Inspirational Film about Faith, Love, Guilt, Sacrifice & Loss

Dying to Live: The Journey Into A Man's Open HeartDying to Live: The Journey Into A Man's Open Heart explores the universal themes of youth, aging, belief, guilt, love, loss and many others. It is these themes that give this inspirational independent documentary a rich, multi-layered nature that opens itself to deeper exploration and discussion in virtually every frame.

As a result, the film has a wide audience appeal, from individuals facing recovery from open heart surgery or living with similar debilitating heart conditions (in Ben’s case, mitrovalve regurgitation leading to supraventricular tachycardia), to free-spirited baby boomers facing the challenges of care giving while also confronting their own mortality. In addition, people of faith can find inspiration in Ben's embrace of Judaism that gave him a measure of peace and inner-strength in a time of unimaginable adversity.

In this respect, Dying to Live: The Journey Into A Man’s Open Heart is not just a personal story of love and loss- it is in parts an inspirational film, a medical documentary, a film about faith, a story of recovery from open heart surgery, and a spiritual movie among many others. At its essence, the film is a true-life testimonial to the human experience in all of its triumphs, failures and uncertainty, providing not only an inspiring film experience, but also a valuable educational tool for families, groups and educational organizations wishing to generate discussions about mature themes and topics.

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