Dying to Live    
the journey into a man's open heart   a film by Ben Mittleman

Reviews of Dying to Live: The Journey Into A Man's Open Heart

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Dying to Live Review 01

"...a personal exploration of mortality and how the demands of maturity can make themselves known at nearly any age."

Dying to Live Review 2

"What begins to emerge from this medical maelstrom is a frequently touching portrait of personal idiosyncrasy, Judaism and life's true value."

Dying to Live Review 03

"Had Mittleman been a sculptor or a painter instead of a filmmaker, he could not have created as beautiful a memorial to the people he loved as this film."

Dying to Live Review 4

"The film exposes its subject's vulnerability and makes no apologies for the messy, raw emotion of real life."

Dying to Live Review 5

"The images are stark and the emotions are raw, but the film has a positive theme and shows the vibrancy and humor of the people around him."

Dying to Live Review 06

"...soaring over adversity."

Dying to Live Review 7

"alternately hammy, irritable, tender & honest"

Dying to lIve Review 8

"View this as a rare type of 'guy flick'... there is a positive, life affirming tone that consistently keeps its chin up. I recommend this film."


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